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Are you looking for something a bit unusual for your wedding? Something that will entertain your guests while being meaningful to the bride and groom?

I am an experienced performance poet and skilled in writing personalised poems that help capture something important about those special moments in life. I am available for weddings and other special family events to write personalised poetry and entertain through performance of work written especially for you or from my collections.

How would it work?

Engaging me to capture your wedding can in practice work in many different ways. Let me announce the start of dinner with a specially written invite to your guests, or perform a poem about you and your new husband and wife during the after dinner speeches. I can write and perform a live poem on the day capturing the atmosphere and proceedings and after the event produce a souvenir framed picture of the poem.

Poems would be personalised and crafted just for you from interviews with the bride and groom (or friends and relatives if it is a present) conducted either over the phone or in person. I can then write to your brief, making the poetry humorous or emotional, grand or intimate. Guests can be personally referenced and interesting stories woven in. If you are organising it as a present, I can also provide a framed copy of the poem as a gift.

Contact me for a chat to discuss your wedding, your vision and your needs.

About Author

Kirstie Pelling

Kirstie is the creative force and chief poet in residence of She is available for residencies, as a conference poet and wedding poet. She is also co-founder of The Family Adventure Project and a regular contributor to many online travel communities.

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