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See More – Photographers Luxury Edition by Kirstie Pelling & Stuart Wickes‘See More’ is a luxury coffee table book of Lakeland poems and photography that was born out of a year as GoLakes Travel’s Sustainable Poet in Residence in 2014/15.This was a brand new initiative to try and persuade people out of their cars and onto public transport. It involved travelling around Cumbria by train, ferry, bike, boat and boot, writing poetry on the move. The result is a book that spans all corners of the Central Lakes and imagines how things could be different if tourists and residents thought a little more before they put their car keys in the ignition.

From The Queen travelling on the 555 bus to the old man of Murmansk getting on the train to Windermere, where Bownessie is showing herself only to walkers, it’s a wander through a another kind of Lake District. One that could happen if we all put our minds to it.

You can buy this book by following the link above and I am currently working on a paperback version for sale in shops and attractions.

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