In the media:

The GOLakes Travel Poet in Motion residence captured the attention of the Lakeland media from the outset. It was featured both online and in print by local news organisations.

Meet the Lakes’ new Poet in Motion – Westmorland Gazette

Cumbria Crack – New Drive Less See More Poet in Residence

It made the evening news too. The project launch was broadcast on BBC TV’s North West Tonight and then its North East equivalent, ensuring that a good chunk of the north witnessed my efforts to scribble out something meaningful between bus stops following a challenge from the reporter:

BBC North West Tonight – Poet In Motion with Go Lakes Travel

The second time North West Tonight picked up on the story it was later in the year, on the 200th anniversary of publication of Wordsworth’s Daffodils. I just happened to be wandering the fells dressed as a cloud at the time. Well someone had to!

The project was featured on BBC Radio Cumbria where I kicked off the residency with a slot reading some of my initial poems and later in the year when I discussed the importance of Daffodils to the nation’s cultural life.

I also contributed a little bit of culture to thousands of bus timetables and leaflets:

Go Lakes Traveller – Traveller’s Guide – Etching a Heart

Go Lakes Traveller – Traveller’s Guide – Electric Superhero

Go Lakes Traveller – Traveller’s Guide – Get Creative with Travel

And the finished book was well received. Here’s a review from English Lakes Hotels. It was also also once again picked up by the local papers.

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