Conference Poet

“In February we held a major conference, ‘Travel Edge,’ for around 80 tourism businesses and stakeholders, to spread the word and engage partners. Kirstie attended and wrote apt and topical poems based on the day’s proceedings. We found this worked extremely well; it added a bit of humour to the day whilst making people sit up and notice and think about what we were talking about. I would highly recommend this approach and can see it working well in other conferences.” – Emma Moody, Visitor Services Adviser, Lake District National Park Authority.

Something different for your conference

Does your conference need something different to inspire delegates, set the mood of the day or send them home smiling? Would you like to book an after dinner speaker with a difference for your gala dinner?

I am an experienced performance poet and love using my skills to entertain, inform, inspire and challenge as a conference poet and after dinner speaker. I can work in different ways, performing poetry from my collections, writing and performing poems on the theme of your conference or meeting, or reflecting conference events, themes or topics of discussion. I can meet and interview you or your colleagues in advance in order to reflect your industry, your company or topical themes.

Recent engagements have included British Guild of Travel Writers Gala Dinner 2016, Social Travel Summit Inverness 2016, BritMums Live 2016, Social Travel Britain 2016, British Guild of Travel Writers AGM, BritMums Live 2015 and TravelEdge.

If you are looking for a different way to engage an audience at a business meeting, conference, blogger gathering, awards evening, or travel and technology meet-up, then why not consider booking me?

“The Social Travel Summit combines serious learning with lighthearted fun. Kirstie contributed to the fun factor with slams that were directly relevant to the Summit themes often mentioning people in attendance. She was a pleasure to work with.” – Janice Waugh, Social Travel Summit.


Example 1: A set-piece conference key note

In this example, I perform a poem written especially for the BritMums Live parent bloggers conference. The poem addresses the question “What do Mummy Bloggers do?”

What they said

“I know Kirstie as a prolific and accomplished blogger, but it was for her skill as a poet that we chose her to kick off the Bloggers Keynote at BritMums Live — one of the highlights in the biggest social media conference in the UK. Not only is Kirstie a poet who combines modern themes and witty, insightful observations (in this case about mum bloggers, the work they do and the perception of them) with flowing spoken word. She’s also a confident performer and an enthusiastic collaborator. We were delighted — as were our attendees — to experience poetry in such a fresh way.” – Jennifer Howze, Creative Director BritMums


Example 2: Informal after dinner performance

Here’s an extract from my performance at the gala dinner of the British Guild of Travel Writers AGM in Tenerife where I entertained with three poems including this one, commenting on change within the industry.

What they said

Example 3: Small informal conference performance

For Social Travel Britain I wrote several poems about the use of social media in travel, including this one about first tweets which I researched and customised to mention specific members of the audience, for added impact.

What they said

“As an event organiser, you always want your after-dinner entertainment to be relevant as well as good fun and Kirstie was certainly both. She had clearly done her homework to personalise her poetry to the theme of our Social Travel Britain conference but also to the audience, who were engaged throughout, despite the free-flowing drink. The feedback I received afterwards was universally positive and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other organisers.” – Mark Frary, Event Organiser, Social Travel Britain, Travel Perspective



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