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Beaumaris Castle Ballet

Beaumaris Castle on Anglesey has been called the perfect example of concentric castle planning. Built in the 13th and 14th century, the castle was unfinished...

Travel Video Poem

Dancing on Thin Ice

While visiting La Clusaz we spent an evening at the village Patinoire or ice rink. Once a week in season they have a disco session. Well, it would have been...

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Herdwick Invasion

There’s a new breed of sheep in town. The Herdwicks. Or rather the #GoHerdwick’s. To raise money for a local charity, 60 sheep have been painted up...

Gaming Technology

Head Space Invader

My kids are magicians and wizards when it comes to online games like Minecraft and Warcraft. At times I wonder if the eldest was born clutching a mouse and I...

Nature Technology

From Cloud to i-Cloud

A cloud has always been many things to many people. A fluffy child’s drawing, the stuff of wedding nightmares, a sofa for the angels, a thing to dress up...

Dubai Travel

A Visionary City

Whatever time of day or night you first glimpse it, Dubai grabs you, shakes you awake and reminds you that you’re alive. It’s a city that seems like it...


The Girl and the Machine

Can a computer produce a blog? This poem imagines the moment where the machine replaces the human in the world of blogging and social media. It was inspired by...

Social Media Technology

Instagram Alarm Bell

Instagram can be addictive. Processing apps can lighten, sharpen and dramatise everyday objects and activities and make them see that little bit more...

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Kirstie is the creative force and chief poet in residence of She is available for residencies, as a conference poet and wedding poet. She is also co-founder of The Family Adventure Project and a regular contributor to many online travel communities.

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