Welcome to Poet in Motion

Kirstie Pelling #PoetInMotion seeking inspiration at Lakeside by

Welcome to Poet in Motion, an evolving and exciting venture for me. This site contains collections of poems and video poems on themes that are close to my heart; travel and technology. And if I’m doing it right this site will be continually in a state of motion, because it’s all about moving forward and journeying.

I plan to go from my home in the Lake District to the edge of the horizon. And, through the technology and social media sections, beyond our current horizon and into the future.

Journeying for me is a creative business. Through poetry, photography and prose I like to explore the experience of travel; the people we meet, the places we go and the technology we use. Whether it’s taking a walk to the shop, a bus into town, a fell run or a bike ride across a continent, movement stimulates the senses, mind and body. We are most alive and creative in motion. My aim is to avoid standing still, either physically or mentally, and I hope to take you along with me.

My poetic licence

Without realising it I’ve been working towards this site for many years. I began ten year ago as a kids’ poet, entertaining assemblies with stories of the creepy ‘Head’ who had no body yet still managed to scare the reception class, and the disaster of dropping a tray in the lunch queue, causing a silence so deafening that even the peas freeze.

Later on, running workshops with the environmental project Windermere Reflections, I began to connect with nature and saw it as my role to inspire kids, mums and grans to leave their shopping trolleys in the car park and not the lake.

My poetry residence in Cumbria was an undeniable pleasure to travel around the central Lake District, walking in the footsteps of the Lakeland poets as the poet in residence for GoLakes Travel. Happily I could do it dressed as Wordsworth’s cloud, when I considered that necessary.

As a blogger and a parent I am fascinated with technology and social media, and the speed at which it moves. Whether we like it or not, we are all on a journey with our tech and no one knows where this one will end. Through poetry I explore both the positives and negatives of our obsession with it. And I dip my toe into the world of video gaming  and its online superstars.

Stuart, co-creator of travel site The Family Adventure Project will be joining me on my creative adventure by providing photography and videography. Why not pop back now and again, or join us for the whole glorious ride.

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